Turns at Loveland Pass (July 2019)

We love to ski. A lot. But we also work, a lot (or at least one of us does, we will let you guess which one.) While our weekdays are spent behind screens typing away, our favorite weekends are spent skiing in the mountains. Our love of skiing helped bring us together. We started this blog as a way to record our adventures, help others plan their next adventure and hopefully bring together people who love skiing.


Kelli started ski school when she was still in diapers. She spent her winter weekends growing up with her family in West Dover, Vermont skiing Mount Snow. Her ski racing career was short-lived but she enjoyed spending her high school evenings at Woodbury and Mt. Southington. After going to college in flat Illinois, she graduated early to spend winter 2012 in Big Sky, Montana where she fell in love with big mountain skiing. She was a hostess at the base of the mountain and skied every chance she got; had she not arrived in Montana with a consulting offer in her pocket, she definitely could have stuck around another season. After a couple more years in flat Chicago, Illinois, she followed her heart back to the mountains and moved to Dillon, Colorado. Kelli was still traveling weekly to New York for her job in consulting so she moved to Denver allowed for an easier "commute", but ultimately found remote life is her favorite. She happily works long hours during the week to be just a short drive to the mountains on the weekends.


Jacob also went to ski school at Mount Snow, but didn't return there after he broke his leg and instead spent a lot of time at Okemo. He claims five years old was the best time to break your leg skiing, as your responsibilities are quite limited and people give you lots of toys and treats. His family took two annual trips while growing up, one in the winter to go skiing and one in the summer to go biking, both solidified his love for the outdoors. When deciding where to go to college, Jacob realized that he could pay $20 and reuse his essays to apply to University of Colorado Boulder. After being accepted, he visited Boulder and knew it was meant to be - let's be honest, there were more girls than the tech specific schools he visited. Jacob has been in Colorado for over 10 years and there is no where else he would rather be. One August day at St Mary's, he met someone who had skied every month for 10 years, so after having to take a season off for a meniscus injury, he started working towards 10 consecutive years of skiing. As of September 2019, he's halfway through.

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